Fishing ! Fishing ! Fishing of the dock 134445545 Had a great time fishing for Cats 140655165 Look at me I did this by myself 140655166 Fishing of the dock 140655168 First time for Cat fishing was a good time, amazing 140655169 Join us on the Red River 183038560 Look at this big one Awesome time fishing for Cats 140655171 First time for fishing for Cats on the Red River had a great time 140655173 341/2in Cat Fish caught on the Red River Wow on Sept 19,2011 I had a great fishing day .The smile says it all .Stay at Netleycreekgetaway, fishing is great out there 140655643 31 1/2 in walleye caught on the Red River Oct24,2011 This is my first master angler that I caught I could not believe it here I am in this photo fishing is great on the Red River stay at Netleycreekgetaway This is the biggest so far for me .Nick 141065121 167580196 Pike caught on the Red River Oct 24,2011 Pike fishing was just alot of fun 141065122 167580197 167580199 Captain Ed caught this 341/2 in cat just beautiful good job 167580200 167580201 167580202